A Colorful

Foundation of New Skills

Pre-Literacy And Early Social Skills Get A Boost From The Montessori Method, Theme-Based Play

A Colorful

Foundation of New Skills

Pre-Literacy And Early Social Skills Get A Boost From The Montessori Method, Theme-Based Play

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Montessori Teachers Provide The Prepared Environment

Montessori-trained teachers carefully set up your toddler’s daily space with age-appropriate materials designed to stimulate their development. Your child learns in work cycles, which are uninterrupted periods to navigate their surroundings and explore their interests.

Fun Weekly Themes Build Pre-Literacy Skills

There’s no place for boredom in our classroom! Weekly themes guide your child’s early education experience as they listen attentively to stories teachers read aloud, play with picture books, manipulate magnetic letters, name new objects, and practice sequencing.

Air Filtration Every 15 Minutes Eradicates Allergens, Germs & Viruses

The high-efficiency H13 TRUE HEPA filter is tested to remove 99.9% of particles

Classrooms Come Alive With Art, Music, And Movement

Your child expresses themselves and gets creative as they sing along during circle time, clap their hands to a beat, and produce their very own works of art. As added benefits, they expand their vocabulary, counting abilities, and range of motion in the process.

Your Child’s Health and Safety Are Top of Mind

Every precaution is taken to ensure that your toddler is kept out of harm’s way. TempAlert cameras check for fevers, while doors require keycode access and security cameras keep a close eye on each classroom.

Identifying New Emotions While Navigating Big Feelings

Emotion cards help your toddler understand feelings like joy, frustration, remorse, and excitement. Learning how to navigate their emotions better prepares them to develop lasting, positive relationships with their classmates, friends, and family.

Montessori Materials Boost Your Child’s Cognitive Growth

While they may not look different from other toys initially, materials such as puzzles, pink towers, and stairs have been carefully designed to stimulate your toddler’s motor skills and mind.

Laying The Foundation For Strong School Skills

Child-led and teacher-initiated learning focus is on STEAM and enrichments such as Spanish and sign language. This curriculum ensures your child develops the language, science, and math skills they’ll come to rely on heavily later in life.

Developing Coordination and Agility Outdoors Every Day

Your toddler has various outdoor entertainment options at their fingertips, including sensory tables, playground sets, bubble blowing, and a splash pad. Watch as their large muscle groups grow, their balance improves, and they become increasingly agile.

Practical Life Skills Carry Your Toddler Through Life

From cleaning up their toys to tying their shoelaces, washing their hands after going to the bathroom, dressing, and preparing their snacks, your toddler learns self-care and domestic skills that provide a sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

Complimentary Meals And Snacks Made Nut-Free

Your child is served delicious, nutritious meals and snacks that can be made gluten-free or customized based on allergies. Each dish emphasizes fresh fruit and vegetables and is free from added preservatives.

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