Nurture Your Baby’s

Natural Sense of Wonder

A Beautiful Learning Environment With Sensory Materials And Plenty Of Cuddles

Nurture Your Baby’s

Natural Sense of Wonder

A Beautiful Learning Environment With Sensory Materials And Plenty Of Cuddles

Infants | 6 Weeks - 16 Months | Serving Bloomington, Savage, Shakopee & Excelsior, MN

Individualized Attention Meets Your Baby’s Needs

Small class sizes of four babies to one teacher means that your child is provided with one-on-one guidance to foster their strengths, personality, and skills. Montessori-trained teachers recognize your baby’s critical windows of development and keep a close eye on their progress.

Art, Reading, And Circle Time Sharpen Cognitive Development

Your baby finger paints a variety of shapes, marvels at colors, and lets their imagination roam free while listening to fun stories at circle time. Exposure to art and reading early on stimulates their cognitive development and sets them on the right track.

Air Filtration Every 15 Minutes Eradicates Allergens, Germs & Viruses

The high-efficiency H13 TRUE HEPA filter is tested to remove 99.9% of particles

Learning Beyond™ Introduces Your Baby To A World Of Wonder

The Learning Beyond™ curriculum provides balanced early learning in a collaborative environment designed to stimulate your baby’s growth. Teachers caringly guide their social, physical, cognitive, and language progress with fun, age-appropriate group and individual activities.

Safety Precautions Maintain Your Baby’s Best Health

Contact-free TempAlert cameras keep a close watch on your baby’s body temperature, while doors require keycode access and security cameras are present in each room. Professional cleaners disinfect overnight, and child-friendly sanitizing spray is used by teachers twice daily.

Sensory Play To Keep Minds Sharp and Engaged

Your baby learns by exploring the world around them. Their sense of sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch is ignited by playing with bubbles, jiggling jello, colorful rice, sponges, water, cooked spaghetti, and much more.

Age-Appropriate Toys and Learning Materials

Montessori materials such as soft toys and shape puzzles promote active exploration as your baby refines their fine and gross motor skills. Their learning environment is carefully prepared by teachers with safe, natural objects they can quickly grasp and discover.

STEAM Principles Infused Into Every Experience

Teachers introduce your baby to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) through developmental activities relevant to their cognitive abilities. Your child manipulates playdough, learns about new shapes, touches different textures, and stacks blocks.

Music And Sign Language Encourage Self-Expression

Without having mastered their language skills yet, your baby needs a way to express their various wants and needs. Teachers help them learn how to community through music and sign language enrichments, paving the path to eventual literacy.

Frequent Time Outdoors On A Baby-Proof Playground

From stroller walks in the sunshine to crawling and exploring a safe playground made of rubber, your baby develops their large muscle groups with daily outdoor exercise. Watch as their agility, balance, and coordination quickly improve!

An Introduction To Nourishing, Solid Foods

Your baby feeds on a schedule that mimics the one they’re used to at home, minimizing any disruption to their daily routine. Teachers provide them formula or pre-bottled breast milk and introduce them gradually to solid foods once the time comes.

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