Imagine Your Child

Happy And Thriving

In A Balanced Environment That Provides The Structure And Freedom They Need

Imagine Your Child​

Happy And Thriving

In A Balanced Environment That Provides The Structure And Freedom They Need

Preschool | 33 Months - 6 Years | Serving Bloomington, Savage, Shakopee & Excelsior, MN

Gaining Independence and Becoming Self-Sufficient

Mixed-age classrooms encourage your preschooler to learn from older students and develop useful, practical skills to carry them through life. These include getting dressed, preparing basic meals, cleaning up their spaces, and creating a self-care routine.

Strong Early Childhood Learning Opportunities

Witness your child’s confidence soar with our kindergarten readiness program. Play-based learning fosters emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and social skills, equipping children with the tools for a lifetime of happiness and success.

Periods For Self-Led Play and Learning Activities

Your child approaches their learning with the Montessori work cycles method, which prompts them to choose their materials and engage in uninterrupted play in an environment that has been carefully prepared to stimulate their cognitive development.

Personalized Learning Pathways For Young Minds

Discover a kindergarten readiness program that adapts to your child’s unique needs and pace. It uses assessments and progress tracking to identify areas of strength and weakness, ensuring a personalized learning journey tailored to your child’s growth.

Highly Trained Teachers Balance Structure and Freedom

Montessori-certified instructors provide your child with equal parts security and independence to encourage them to thrive under their guidance and reach their full potential. Teaching is supported by Smartboard technology and light sensory table experiences.

Expert Guidance For Strong Parent-Child Partnerships

Trust the expertise of our dedicated teachers in our kindergarten readiness program, who provide guidance and support every step of the way. We help your child develop essential language, literacy, math, science, art, and social-emotional development skills.

Classrooms Fully Stocked With Montessori Materials

Abstract learning concepts are absorbed as your preschooler manipulates, explores, and engages with Montessori materials explicitly designed with their age group in mind. These toys may look normal, but they stimulate your child’s rapidly accelerating development.

Some Of Our Engaging Activities Include:

Regular Health Checks and Careful Security Measures

Contact-free TempAlert cameras take your child’s temperature upon entry, while restricted access doors and security cameras keep them safe throughout each day. You deserve the peace of mind of knowing they’re thriving under our care.

Early Intervention For Long-Term Success

Start early with our kindergarten readiness program to make a lasting impact on your child’s future. Expert teachers identify and address potential challenges before they become issues, setting your child up for long-term academic and personal success.

Air Filtration Every 15 Minutes Eradicates Allergens, Germs & Viruses

The high-efficiency H13 TRUE HEPA filter is tested to remove 99.9% of particles

Understanding Teamwork, Respect and Cooperation

Dramatic play such as puppet shows and choreographed dance routines teach your preschooler invaluable socio-emotional skills like communication, self-regulation, discipline, confidence, and acceptance of others as they collaborate closely with their classmates.

Daily Enrichments Prompt Creativity and Self-Expression

Your child improves their balance in yoga classes, twists into a pretzel during gymnastics, sings along during circle time, and even learns Spanish as a second language. Each day holds a new activity that is both fun and enriching.

STEAM Education Builds Strong Academic Skills

Developmentally appropriate and self-led learning activities focus on science, math, engineering, art, and math concepts, so your preschooler can develop the school skills required to ensure a smooth entry to Kindergarten.

Appreciating Life Cycles And The Great Outdoors

When your little one isn’t climbing on natural play structures or frolicking on a splash pad, they’re tending to a garden or exploring an onsite greenhouse. Nurturing what they grow connects them to nature as they begin to understand how everything is connected.

A Nut-Free Food Program That Factors In Allergies

Your preschooler is served healthy, delicious meals and snacks daily that fuel them with all of the nutrients they need to stay energized all day long. Each menu item is nut-free and can be customized based on food sensitivities.

Flavors Of Fun With Kitchen Adventures

Experience a hands-on culinary program that promotes independence, creativity, and self-expression through bi-monthly cooking classes. Tailored to accommodate dietary restrictions and Montessori principles, these adventures foster practical life skills and healthy eating habits from a young age.

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